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Embrace yourselves. Winter is coming.

Needed to draw Loki… I found some photo manip with Loki as John Snow from Game of Thrones and I just loved the idea.

Se here you are: Loki Snow xD

Full res: http://qiubi.deviantart.com/art/Winter-is-coming-414252306


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Return to Asgard | lokilaufeyson & devotion-awry


Sigyn listened as he spoke of how he survived, of his eventual landing on an unknown world. Had this strange world been the catalyst for the apparent change in him? She did not know enough to be certain, nor was she certain even of what the changes were, exactly. Some new developments were fairly obvious, while she suspected there were others she was not yet aware of. In time, she hoped to hear the full story, to understand more what had kept him at bay for so long while she solidified her reputation as off kilter, insisting he was both alive and well.

“I never believed them,” she informed him, leading their way down the mouth of another alley close to their destination; it was a path she knew well. Sigyn had become quite keen on coming and going with as little interaction with others as possible during her masterful rise as one of Asgard’s most avoided citizens. It had simply been easier to go about what she needed to do unseen, from time to time. She waited a beat to clarify the statement. “When they said that you were dead. They pitied me and my delusions –” the word rolled off her tongue with revulsion “– but I knew you were alive. I could feel it, that you still existed somewhere.”

     A smirk grew along Loki’s lips as he listened to her. He glanced down and gave her shoulder a small squeeze as he let out a chuckle, “Did they all truly wish me gone so bad?” The thought was highly unsurprising, and actually rather amusing to the trickster. He didn’t mind them thinking he was dead, it would certainly help him get away with more for the time being. In fact, maybe he could fool some of Asgard into thinking he was haunting them. That would be priceless entertainment.

     ”Though there was a point where I nearly was dead,” Loki gave a small shrug, “But, I am not so easy to get rid of. My dear, when ever you have the chance to make an ally, do so. Even if said trust is false and built on a lie, it could save your life one day should you ever find yourself in a dire situation.”

     He made a sudden movement, stepping in front and swinging an arm around Sigyn, he masked them briefly with magic as a small group of Asgardians wandered by. Once they were clear, he removed the cloaking spell and smiled. He hadn’t lost his touch.


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fandom music pick of the day: “the trial of loki” 

soundtrack: thor: the dark world

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Return to Asgard | lokilaufeyson & devotion-awry


There was no amount of confusion which could prevent her from bringing her beloved back to his home, not even the immense amount which came from seeing a man crumpled at his feet. If Loki promised to explain, she had to trust his word, despite his less than perfect track record with the truth; it was the only option she had, the only one that made sense. After all, she could not very well walk away from him and leave him lingering in the mouth of a darkened alleyway.

“Then by all means, let us return to our home,” she emphasized the word that had been missing from her vocabulary for so long. She took his hand and led him through the quickest route back to their home, doing her best to keep them unseen along the way. All the while, when her mind should have been considering the implications of what she was doing or the ramifications of the man Loki had surely just ensured the demise of, all she could think about was how his cold, smooth hand felt as it grasped hers. 

     He knew she would not refuse him, if their past was anything to say about it. So hearing her voice come out and say ‘our’ home was music to his ears. He had a place to stay, and if he stayed hidden for the time being, who would truly believe the poor woman should she tell anyone? He was set for the time being.

     As he followed her lead, he figured he may as well share some of the story along the way. He only slipped his hand from hers to put it around her shoulder as they walked, making sure to keep an eye out along the way. “In truth, I thought myself dead from that fall. It did not seem entirely possible to survive such a thing. But, I am still here,” He took a deep breath in through his nose, enjoying the smells of Asgard once more. “I ended up on some remote world even I had not heard of. It was an, interesting experience to say the least.”

      Loki let his fingers glide along her shoulder. Any little thing he could do to further pull her to his side, he would do it.

Return to Asgard | lokilaufeyson & devotion-awry


Sigyn’s first impulse was to take the pale hand that was outstretched in her direction. It was an impulse so strong that it stood out in the midst of the fear that paralyzed her, moving her feet against the instinctual impulse to stay frozen in place. She found herself moving toward Loki, her own hand reaching out towards the one he offered her. It was a move that defied basic nature, one that spoke volumes of the spell Loki had put her under long before that meeting – even in a situation which challenged all she knew and presented very clear cut danger, she was unable to resist him.

“I told them you were alive,” she murmured softly, stepping closer to him. She watched in awe as the canine teeth which had protruded into what could be called nothing less than fangs retracted, leaving behind the smile she had grown so fond of. It was as though the blood that tinted his lips were entirely invisible or overlooked at the moment, her eyes glazed over with sheer elation that he was truly there, solid beneath her touch and physically within her grasp.

She was mesmerized and at a total loss where explanations were concerned, the scene and the emotions tied to it conjuring up the perfect storm of emotions within her. She reached out a shaky hand to wipe a stray droplet of blood from his lip with her thumb, bringing the bloodstained digit closer to her own eyes for inspection. It was then that the cloudy haze began to clear ever so slightly; what had he been doing to the man who lie bleeding on the ground, possibly dead by this point?

“What have you done, my love?” she whispered, eyes displaying her terror as they darted between Loki and his victim. 

     She seemed hesitant at first, but once she started moving towards him, Loki knew he had her. The poor soul that was Sigyn was so easy to use and bend as he pleased. Loki would feel bad about it, if he had he any sort of normal conscience in that head of his. He gave her a smile as he took her hand, luring her in as he usually did.

     ”They believe I am dead, I know. They will find out soon enough how wrong they all were.” Lifting a hand, he moved a strand of hair from her face. He wondered how one could be so intensely dedicated to someone, he simply didn’t understand. Perhaps he just didn’t have the ability to. Though even once she had come to him, he could tell she was a bit uneasy.

     A low hum in thought escaped his throat as he followed her gaze down to the man laying motionless on the ground. “One has to survive some how.” He put a finger under her chin to direct her eyes towards him. “Take me home with you, I shall explain all I can. It is not a tale for all, not yet.” .

Return to Asgard | lokilaufeyson & devotion-awry


Though she had always remained rampantly insistent that Loki was very much alive, she felt at that moment as though she were looking at a ghost. The creature spoke in Loki’s familiar velvet tone, had the same easy laughter as the God she knew so well, and yet, there was something monstrous about the imposter. His eyes were darkened, blackened over with a demonic glint, and those teeth… fangs, if she were to provide a more accurate description. A wave of shock and horror rolled over her as she realized that he had been drinking the very blood from the man who was now crumpled in a heap on the ground.

But no matter how strong her natural revulsion to the horror that played out in front of her was, the aberrant love she felt for Loki left her with a heart that skipped a beat. Creature, man, or God, the image before her was not askew enough to completely preclude the fact that she was once again seeing her husband. The love that twisted into fanatical devotion and morphed into depraved longing and mourning overrode her instincts and all that was logical, leaving her torn between wanting to run away from him and wanting to run to him.

“Is it you?” she murmured in disbelief, too frozen in place to step forward and confirm his presence through touch and too numb with shock to realize it was likely not the question she should have been asking. “Is it really you?”

     He could read her partially confused and horrified look and pondered if it were a good idea to step forward or not. He took an extra moment to curl his lip up a bit as he retracted the sharp fangs. It would take a moment for the darkness in his eyes to fade, he did not exactly have full control over that little feature.

     ”Aye, it is,” He tried a more genuine smile in this approach, bringing his hands to his chest to motion to himself. “I am very real.” The man was trying to ease her fears, but was not entirely sure it was working. Finally putting a hand out in the woman’s direction he urged her to come forward.

     ”I have only just arrived back recently, I had yet to visit anyone.” Loki attempted to explain why this was the first time she was seeing him, “Things have, changed a bit, recently.” That was an understatement. “But I can assure you, I am still Loki, and I am very much alive.” Knowing he would likely have to explain what it was he was just doing, he hoped she would at least be willing to move their conversation elsewhere. He did not wish to be tied so soon to a murder having only just returned to the golden city. 

Return to Asgard | lokilaufeyson & devotion-awry


The years had passed in a flurry for Sigyn, seasons coming and going without a second thought from Asgard’s resident grieving widow. The title was one she did not accept, refusing with every fiber of her being to believe that Loki had actually perished when she was told of his fall from the rainbow bridge. It did not matter to her that he had slipped from Heimdal’s view or that the general public accepted the notion of his death – Sigyn could feel it in her bones that her beloved was still alive, somewhere. Of course, people generally attributed this to the idea that she was not in total possession of her mental faculties, even before the death of the would-be prince, but she paid them little mind.

For the most part, Sigyn spent her days in a monotonous cycle from which she rarely deviated. People rarely spoke to her as she made her way through the city’s streets, at first merely looking on at the poor woman with pity, and now refusing to even meet her eyes. It was better that they not give her the sad eyed look of sympathy for her ‘deluded’ beliefs, allowing her to be left in peace as she kept to herself. It was out of caution against such unpleasant interactions that she typically ran any errands about Asgard in the last possible moments before the day ended and the activity slowed to a stop.

She had been out on this particular evening to check on the dress she was having made at the seamstress’, as well as to simply breathe the fresh evening air. She had never been a consistent sleeper and the wakefulness had only gotten worse in Loki’s absence; nighttime was not a time of rest for the Goddess as it may have been for others, but rather a time to relax as much as she was able, to give herself a breath and pretend for even a moment that she still belonged to the people whose streets she now walked.

A cry interrupted her reverie, coming from just beyond the mouth of the alley she’d just strolled past. It had sounded like a cry for help, but she was half certain it could have been her imagination. Still, there was a portion of her gentleness that had never ebbed, something that would hold her accountable if she ignored the pleas of another person. Almost reluctant in spirit, she quickly made her way to the alley from which the cries had originated, peering into the darkness with squinted eyes – she couldn’t see a thing.

“Is someone there?” she asked, taking a slow and cautious step forward, and a few more to follow. She was unprepared in every way for what she saw; a man, his bleeding neck held stretched and exposed, as another man held a hand over his mouth. Her eyes traced the slender, pale fingers that held the prey captive, moving up the person’s body to the face that was barely visible in the darkness. Her heart stopped cold.

For a moment, she was sure it was her eyes playing havoc on her, the lighting so dim and unfavorable for seeing, but this man, this attacker, looked exactly like Loki. She could not move, could not breathe, staring at his face in awe. It was absolutely impossible, it seemed, and was made that much more unlikely by what he appeared to be doing to the bleeding man. There was virtually nothing about the scene that made sense, and yet, only one thing that needed to – Loki was alive, and moreover, he was standing right before her.

“Loki?” she gasped, unable to form a coherent sentence beyond that past the tears that had sprung to her eyes.

     The man tried to struggle against his attacker, but Loki held firm, not planning on letting him go anywhere. While normally the the God would have taken his time with a feed, this was different. He had gone so long without, he could hardly stop himself. It was safe to say, at this rate this young man was not going to make it out of this encounter. The man’s struggles started to weaken just as Loki heard a faint voice. He told himself to ignore it, focusing on draining the Asgardian in his grasp.

     ’Loki?’ the word rang in his ears. He knew that voice… It belonged to someone he had not seen in years. His wife, Sigyn. Loki’s eyes flashed up and just as the man started to go limp, he eased up on his jaws grip. Lifting his head back with a deep breath for some air. Without turning around, he glanced over his shoulder at the woman standing there watching. His green eyes were temporarily darkened as one of the effects of his feeding. He ran his tongue over blood stained lips and dropped the body he was holding. If that man wasn’t dead yet, he would be soon.

     There was a subtle chuckle from the God and he finally turned, putting his hands out to the sides as proof he was unarmed, “I can explain.” A blood stained, fanged grin displayed on his face.

Return to Asgard | lokilaufeyson & devotion-awry

     It had been at least a year since his fall from the Bifrost, at least that is what Loki assumed. He hadn’t exactly been keeping track of time while away. For all he knew it could have been two or more years. But, the God was back. He had snuck his way back into Asgard through one of the many secret passage ways he had known about. Keeping things low was important, especially when dealing with the nature of how things changed for the prince. He would deal with Odin and the rest of his ‘family’ eventually, when the time was right. For now, all he wanted was to recover his strength from traveling. He needed to feed.

     He kept a hood up as he moved through some of the streets of the lower areas of Asgard. It shielded his pale skin from the light of the sun shining between some of the tall structures. While he knew it would not kill him in such small amounts, he was still not a fan of the rash and irritation that came with the exposure. Keeping covered was simply easier, as it also hid his identity from those passing by. 

     After spending some time in a tavern, enjoying a drink or two and waiiting for the sun to go down, he managed to convince a poor soul to follow him out on the promise of a good time. The unsuspecting young man was too drunk to realize who he was with. Or rather, what he was with. Loki lead him along to a less crowded area, closer to the edge of Asgard. This was where Loki made his move, masking it at first with pleasant actions. Loki had the man up against a wall, trailing a series of kisses along the man’s neck before he paused. He opened his mouth wide as his k-9 teeth extended into sharp fangs. He tangled his finger’s in the man’s hair and tugged his head to the side to expose more of his throat as he clamped down on the flesh, piercing skin instantly.

     When the man felt the sharp pain, he began to panic. He started a call for help but Loki muffled it fairly quickly. He hoped he had stopped it before anyone heard. He needed this meal.

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