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I’m juggling various cosplay projects at the moment trying to take advantage of nice weather before it all goes to crap for fall/winter and I can no longer work with certain materials due to the need of ventilation (aka outside).

I live in Canada, and where I am, around this time of year the weather is really unpredictable and could turn to shit any day. (Though luckily we usually don’t get a lasting snowfall until around or just after Halloween, which happens to be when the con is I’m going to.)

also I’m in a group RP too so I’ve been trying to keep up with things over there as well. Bear with me, I’m around. Just sloooow~


"The grand prize of this operation is ambiguous notoriety because fame isn’t the name of the game."


              “And it’s not just someone… think of it more as some all.

                            There’s a big picture here, bigger than the size of Odin’s ego, and from what I’ve heard about you, you’re the perfect guy to pull it off.

          I’ve just got one word for you:


          The mention of Odin nearly made Loki’s eye twitch. To say those two had problems was an understatement.

                                    “That is a bold claim…”

         Loki eye’d the man in front of him. “The Allfather has a virtually unmatchable ego. Practically thinks himself invincible. The only one I know of that may potentially be worse is Thor…

       But that is to be expected, they may as well be the same being.”


     the downside to being away for so long is if an ask has been sitting there for a certain amount of time, it wont tell you you have one when you log in after a long period away. So I have a bunch of asks from many months ago that I didn’t know I had.

     I’m so sorry I didn’t see them ;A;

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"Exactly the kind of deal a dealing with you would sound like."


                    He was being purposefully vague, it was the best way in selling something with just enough confidence to float a feather. Any salesman knew the trick to selling anything if they tried hard enough. There’s a reason why Avon is still in business after all. 

                                        “You see, I’ve got this big plan right, bigger than the transition between the Julian Calendar and the Gregorian, and despite whatever modesties I like to have, I need a partner to pull it off.”

          “Hmn,” The God hummed a little in thought. That was a fairly large example if he were telling the truth, which only made it all the more tempting.

                                          But was it worth it?

           To be fair, there wasn’t much at this point that could equal the disaster of the last major deal he had struck with someone. “And what would one get out of it? Simply the joy of fucking someone’s day up? Or is there more to this than that?”


"To make a deal with ya, hot shot."


                    He knew full well the irony of that statement but he rolled right along with it anyway. “Chaos is your thing, right? And Mischief.”

          His eyes leave the pages of his book to glance up with a raised brow. He wasn’t familiar with the man’s face, but the man seemed to know whom he was. With that being the case he probably knew that striking a deal with a God of mischief wasn’t always a wise choice.

          “I suppose you could say that. What sort of deal are we talking?”


here’s some pre-avengers!loki. (i can’t believe i only found like, three fics about avengers meeting him only as thor’s creepy younger brother) being all friendly. taking his cute pets out to show his new friends and everything.

colors are a bit weird and it turned out overall less.. .. . uh.. intimidating than i planned it to be, but oh well.

dA link for bigger version hERE

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          “You are interrupting my reading. What do you want?”

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