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          “Great! Glad to hear it.”


                              “And no worries there, if you’re looking for a friend, I’m your guy.” He would have said ‘a friend in need’, but he didn’t want to sound like he was being desperate. He could have also mentioned the importance of integrity but details were a thing that could be worked out later down the line. 

                    “Although I should warn you, I hope you don’t mind if I bring Anansi in on this deal too. Granted I haven’t brought it up to them yet but I’m thinking about it.” he added jokingly.

          “Of course real friendship must be earned. You seem eager now, but give it time. Many tend to rethink the idea,” Loki smirks knowing just how many people he’d scared off in the past with his weird ideas of ‘fun’ and minor to extreme bouts of betrayal.

          The mention of Anansi gained a raised eyebrow in response. He had never actually seen that particular deity, only heard mention here and there on rare occasions. “Jest or not, just know that too many deemed to be alike, may backfire. Personality clashes on a Godlike level can be dangerous.”

         “Like playing with fire~

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This plan of yours is going to kill us.
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Loki is your mother alive?

          “Frigga was fine last I saw, upset with me sure. But very much breathing… Why?”


            “…Or do you mean my birth mother….?”


     “Because I…

                   ….honestly do not know….”

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I love you.

     “You don’t know me.”

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Track: Love Bites (So Do I)
Artist: Halestorm
Album: The Strange Case Of...
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Love Bites (So Do I) - Halestorm

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"Metaphors aside though, the proposition’s got your interest now doesn’t it?"


                    He smirked a rather wolfish grin that held more confidence than his size seemed to measure. “So what do ya say then, do we have ourselves a deal?”

          “I suppose we do.”

          “However, do keep in mind that I do not take being used lightly. I have had enough of that for a life time…

                   It would be in your best interest to keep me as a friend rather than an enemy.”

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I’m juggling various cosplay projects at the moment trying to take advantage of nice weather before it all goes to crap for fall/winter and I can no longer work with certain materials due to the need of ventilation (aka outside).

I live in Canada, and where I am, around this time of year the weather is really unpredictable and could turn to shit any day. (Though luckily we usually don’t get a lasting snowfall until around or just after Halloween, which happens to be when the con is I’m going to.)

also I’m in a group RP too so I’ve been trying to keep up with things over there as well. Bear with me, I’m around. Just sloooow~

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